I just don have any faith that that would work yet

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mark cuban on the economy and transparency

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The Mandalorian isn even ground breaking stuff, but it Disney + Star Wars so that alone immediately brought 100 million eyes to the show. Halo would not only have an uphill battle with trying to push an unknown story, but they would likely have to see it through for 2 3+ years before they saw traction. I just don have any faith that that would work yet.

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Dissenting opinion: outdoor games in football/baseball stadiums are played out at all levels. The big chill and before that the cold war at MSU were awesome because they were unique, now everyone has tried and cashed in on the outdoor game fad. I been to 4 big chill, wings/leafs winter classic, caps/Blackhawks winter classic, and caps/leafs stadium series and I probably not go to another one unless there was some truly special element or the tickets were free.

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